17.08.07            Repaint for LN-BRM

LN-BRM arrived at Shannon (SNN) for repaint into SAS standard colour scheme.
The aircraft is seen here wearing a "fancy" metallic hybrid look

both pictures by Malcolm Nason

14.01.07            New Home for two old workhorses

Orenair of Russia has taken delivery of its first 737-500, which has been registered on the Grand Cayman Islands as VP-BGR. This particular aircraft served in Braathens as LN-BRU until it was returned to the leasing company

Also exLN-BRF has found a new home. After a brief period with Air Senegal, the aircraft is now flying with Royal Air Maroc as CN-RON.


2.12.06                More fleet News

The registrations and Viking Names for the 2 new -700s were unveiled:

LN-RRA         Dag Viking       (delivery July 07)
LN-RRB        Cecilia Viking    (delivery June 07)

LN-BRJ is set to return in Spring 07 from Air Baltic for a short period until Autumn when it will be returned to the lessor. LN-BRD is leaving and will be gone by 1st May. Instead, Leasing Contract of LN-BRH has been extended and this bird will stay for the foreseeable future.

After some wait and overhaul in London-Stansted, VP-BBU (exLN-TUC) has finally arrived in Dallas and is now in service with Southwest Airlines in a hybrid cs. Seens here just before entry into Service by Mark Monse:


25.09.06                LN-TUB and LN-TUC find new homes at Southwest Airlines.

After 4 years with Ford Air, LN-TUB and LN-TUC left the "old world" crossed the pond and will soon serve with Southwest Airlines.
Seen here is VP-BBT (LN-TUB) as N270WN in Dallas prior its flight to PAE for painting:

Phtoto Credit: Mark Monse

Seen in Stavanger, awaiting its delivery to Southwest, still in Basic Ford Air cs, VP-BBU (LN-TUC):

Photo Credit: Lennart Rimestad


25.09.06                2 more 737-700 with Winglets   

SAS Braathens will take delivery of 2 737-700 aircraft with Blended Winglets in June 2007. Both Aircraft will be thrust rated at 22.000 KN and have a Cabin lay-out very similar to the existing -705s. Cockpit layout will be the same as on the -783s. Both aircraft are rumoured to be High-Gross-Weight versions.

Furthermore, LN-BRJ is expected back from Air Baltic in Spring. LN-BRD will leave the fleet and is advertised available from 08-2007.

16.06.06                Group formed that aims to find a new investor for Braathens Technical Services

As of today, a group of twelve people was formed with the goal to find a new investor for Braathens Technical Services (BTS). If this search is successfull, the Technical Base in Stavanger-Sola with its unique possibilities could be preserved and kept running.

The Group consists Politicians, local industry represents and employees of both BTS and SAS Component.


15.06.06                SAS Board confirms BTS closure

After a 2-day long Board meeting in Stockholm, SAS Board confirmed the closure of Braathens Technical Services (BTS). With that step, the last visible part of Braathens becomes history.

SAS Board Chairman and SAS CEO Jörgen Lindegaard were both in and gave arguments that are in deep controversy to what Boeing says, what the competition says and to their own actions:

Here a few examples:

SAS: We have overcapacity and the marked is not going up.
Boeing: Marked for MRO is in strong growth
Fact: MRO providers like FLS and ATC Lasham are so busy that they cannot deliver on time for the moment.

SAS: If we would close STS OSL Base, we would have to invest in STS STO.
Fact: SAS does invest in STS STO anyway to enlarge capacity there.

SAS: Sterling was not willing to send their 737s to Stavanger.
Fact: Braathens Technical Services was fully booked for the time that Sterling wanted to have their checks preformed.


Last but not least a short view into the figures shows that the numbers of 737CL in SAS Group is not decreasing but increasing since Air Baltic and Estonian Fleets grow. As of today, there are more 737CL is the Scandinavian marked than in 2002. In comparision, the number of 737NG is going down as both Sterling, Braathens and SAS have reduced their fleets with -700 (NB/BU) and -600 & -800s (SK).



09.06.06                Full Strike among Braathens Technical Staff

All staff of Braathens Technical Services (BTS) went out on strike today at 12.00 in an attempt to demonstrate against the planned shut-down of BTS. They were joined by many employees from Pratt & Whitney Norway Engine Center, CNC Helicopter as well as former BU employees and other local staff. A total of 1.500 people demonstrated.

At the same time, the proposal causes a lot of operational hazards for SASBraathens.

As planned D-Checks cannot be preformed in time, at least one aircraft is in danger of getting grounded due to run out of hours. A second one is very critical as it is almost impossible to get a slot for a D-Check at another MRO supplier.

A big gathering is planned tomorrow in Byparken at 17.00. Be with and support Braathens Technical staff!!!

09.06.06                New Carvings from 767 "Olav den Hellige"

Special Thanks must go to Per Julius Hellweg for sending these Pictures


19.01.2005                LN-BRH in complete SAS Braathens CS

Photo Credit: Helge Nyhus


05.01.2005                LN-BRH debuts in SAS Braathens cs without titles and flag

Today, LN-BRH was rolled out of the paint shop at Sola and is now spotting the new SAS Braathens livery. The Paint is not 100% finished yet, as the titles and the flag sticker behind the wing are still missing.


05.01.2005                LN-TUI completes the final Medevac flight, bringing home Swedish citizens

LN-TUI returned safely after the final relief flight from Phuket. The flight was conducted on request of the Swedish Government. The aircraft did stop in Bangkok, Dubai and Malmö. LN-TUK returned already on 3rd of January from Phuket, also flying passengers back to Sweden. The flight was routed via Bangkok, Dubai and Stockholm/Arlanda.
Now both aircraft are readied and cleaned so that they can re-enter passenger revenue traffic as soon as possible.


Flight number Arrival Arr. Time From Via Aircraft Reg Arrival Date
SK 7138 OSL 09.31 HKT BKK-DXB-ARN LN-TUI 04.01.2005
SK 7136 OSL 13.15 HKT DXB-MMX LN-TUK 02.01.2005
BU 1278* OSL 11.39 BKK DXB-ARN LN-TUI 02.01.2005
BU 1272 OSL 06.49 HKT DXB LN-TUK 01.01.2005
BU 1254 OSL 06.16 HKT DXB LN-TUI 31.12.2004

*BU1278 was the last ever flight to be operated with BU prefix.

Flight number Departure Dep. Time To Via Aircraft Reg Departure Date
SK 7137 OSL 21.00 HKT DXB LN-TUI 02.01.2005
SK 7135 OSL 16.00 HKT DXB LN-TUK 01.01.2005
BU 1277 OSL 10.00 BKK DXB LN-TUI 31.12.2004
BU 1271 OSL 07.00 HKT DXB LN-TUK 30.12.2004
BU 1253 OSL 10.00 HKT DXB LN-TUI 29.12.2004


01.01.2005                Also LN-TUK returns / Last BU flight with LN-TUI from Phuket to OSL  

LN-TUK landed safely at OSL at 06.49 with more injured passengers onboard. The flight was also routed via Dubai.

Meanwhile, LN-TUI is setting course back to Oslo via Bangkok, Dubai and Stockholm, carrying once again severely injured passengers back to their homes in Sweden and Norway. BU 1178 will be the last ever flight operated with BU prefix. It is a co-incident of history, that some of Braathens' first flights as an Airline was to carry refugees in Palestine.The BU prefix is now history.

Norwegian Military pointed out that these medical flights will continue as long as there is sufficient demand for these flights. Routings via Bangkok insist however that the main part of heavily injured tourists has been evacuated from Phuket and the rest is now in rather safe conditions in Bangkok.

SAS has already announced that they will provide extra capacity with their 737-800 aircraft to/from Bangkok also on 3rd and 4th of January.


30.12.2004                LN-TUI returns from Phuket on 31.12.2004

LN-TUI arrived in Phuket yesterday evening and left around 12.00. Onboard 21 heavily injured Norwegians and 17 Swedes. The aircraft is expected back at Oslo Gardermoen around midnight. LN-TUK is arriving in Phuket in the late afternoon and will carry home more injured passengers.

BU 1254        Arrival OSL 06.20            from Phuket    via Dubai         (LN-TUI)                31-12-2004
BU 1171        Depar. OSL 07.00            to Phuket         via Dubai         (LN-TUK)
       Expected time of arrival in Phuket 20.30
BU 1272       
Arrival OSL 06.49            from Phuket    via Dubai         (LN-TUK)              01-01-2005

One more charter flight is planned to take off on 31st. of December2004:

BU 1277        Departure OSL 10.00        to Phuket        via Dubai         (LN-TUI)

Return 01./02.01.2005

BU1278*        Arrival OSL 12.30            from Phuket        via Bangkok/Dubai/Stockholm        (LN-TUI)        02.01.2005
*BU1278 was the last ever flight to be operated with BU prefix.


29.12.2004                Norwegian Military demands a 2nd 737-700

Norwegian Military has requested a second 737-700 to be refitted into Flying Hospital to be used to fly injured Norwegians home.
LN-TUK is now beeing readied at Oslo-Gardermoen with 24 beds and room for less injured passengers and is expected to fly to Phuket as soon as possible.

LN-TUI took off from Gardermoen 10.07 and is expected in Phuket at 22.30 hours.

BU 1253        Departure OSL 10.07        to Phuket     via Dubai        Expected Time of arrival 22.30


28.12.2004                SAS Braathens helps the flood victims / 1 737-700 to fly as flying hospital

As of today, the Norwegian Military made use of their exclusive right to require a 737-700 to be used to fly injured Norwegians home from abroad countries. During the night, LN-TUI was readied, fitted out with 24 beds and is expected to set course to Phuket on Wednesday Morning. A fuel-stop is planned in Zahedan/Iran.
The aircraft will be used to carry home heavily injured Norwegians that were in Phuket during the time of the Tsunami on 26nd. Already now it is clear that there will be more than one flight necessary.
Furthermore, SAS has freed up 15 aircraft (A340/A330/B737-800) to fly for the Nordic Governments. These aircraft will be used to fly stranded tourists home to the Scandinavian countries.


3.11.2004                SAS Braathens announces Route Cuts

SAS Braathens announced the discountinuation of routes from Oslo to Geneve and London/Gatwick. Both routes were started earlier this year under the expansion of the Oslo operations, but failed to show profitability.

3.11.2004            Braathens posts a 36 Mil. SEK Loss for 3rd quarter 2004

Braathens posted a 36 Million SEK loss for the 3rd quarter 2004 which included a net loss of 144 Million SEK from the sale of 3 Boeing 737-700 to a third party. Without this loss from financial transactions, the operational result was positive.

Cabin Factor increased to 67.8% (60%) an upturn of 7,8% compared to last year.

Yields were depressed considerably and ended up 8,8% lower compared to last year. This underlines the extreme price-pressure in the marked, which is characterized by overcapacity and fierce competition both inside Norway and on European routes.

1.9.2004             SASBraathens introduces a new corporate livery

Today, SASBraathens presented the new livery, which will contain basic elements of both the old SAS cs and the old Braathens cs. The new livery is a basic look-alike of the SAS cs, but features a new logo as well as the Norwegian flag in the back of the aircraft. On the engine cowls, the "Scandinavian" logo will be replaced by "SASBraathens.
Painting will go inline with heavy maintenance checks and will be undertaken at Stavanger at Braathens Technical Services. Since the big number of 52 aircraft, the process of repainting will take several years.